Geenville Custom Website Development

Intelligently engineered first quality custom website designs and website development in Greenville South Carolina. Quality custom website design starts with in depth market research and thorough advance planning.

Without an intelligent website development plan that solidly addresses all of your website development design and marketing goals in place up front the end result of your website building efforts can be a disappointing mess.

This is one Greenville custom website development and design company that understands the value of putting high quality research first. As human beings we are naturally attracted to that which looks appealing firstly and then to that which works well secondly.

Often website development companies and website designers accidentally or unknowingly fall into the same natural human pattern while designing and building websites for their customers. If the bulk of website development companies time and effort is spent on website design revisions and website graphics how much time and budget then is left over for marketing research and quality content development?

Contracting with a professional website developer involves the same type of planning and priorities as buying a house or a car. Naturally a beautiful and distinctive looking one of a kind custom website design and web presence is a priority. But this should never come at the expense of a smooth functional user experience and proper search engine visibility.

Making thorough research an up front first priority will significantly increase the quality of your websites content and vastly improve search engine visibility and rankings. This small investment in quality will ultimately repay you repeatedly with big dividends.

Affordable Website Design Services

Affordable website design and development services in Greenville South Carolina. Priority budgeting for high quality web development and marketing research is website development engineered for success. What is affordable website design to you? A custom website that costs very little and produces almost nothing in terms of sales leads and customer inquiries? Or a website that produces ten or twenty or even one hundred times its cost in additional revenues and sales during its useful lifetime?

Focusing on proper distribution of budget and putting market research first can make all the difference in terms of true website design affordability.

Do It Yourself Web Design

In addition to our premium websites we also offer an inexpensive do it your self web design solution based on the highly search engine visible Wordpress platform. Wordpress is a powerful open source website blog tool and publishing platform with a secure content management system and many customizing templates, plug-ins and themes.

Advanced customizing of Wordpress requires a significant understanding of several coding languages and presents a steep learning curve to most of its users. We offer the do-it-yourself website designer server setup assistance and advanced customization services.

This is a 'some reading required' do-it-yourself website type offering that we help you set up and customize based on an hourly fee. Customization assistance includes business identity branding, custom graphics and logos. We create one of a kind backgrounds, banners, logos and graphics making your website unique to your business identity and business branding. Custom menus and link setup and of course the server side mysql database configuration and hosting help as needed.

You can spend as little or as much as you like on this type of do-it-yourself website design. Building it a little at a time over an extended period or all at once. These do-it-yourself websites are perfect for restaurant website menu listings, catering company websites, photographers and bloggers. The platform was designed for publishing and blogging and has a very fast and secure content management system built in.

Affordable SEO Consulting

Affordable search engine optimization and consulting services in Greenville. We build our custom websites with quality topic relevant content and search engine optimization out of the box. SEO is an ongoing process and all websites require some SEO management and maintenance over time to avoid potential search ranking slippage.

Achieving higher search engine ranking through search engine optimization in an affordable fashion sometimes requires a compromise. Going up against big money corporations on 'affordable search engine optimization' probably won't get you to the top of the search rankings. Marketing research once again comes into play in finding the most relevant to topic keywords used by your target customers that are not already being over-used by everyone else. ...view the SEO blog here.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

how search engine optimization works flowchart

Here is a simplified overview of the Search Engine Optimization process. Relevance is everything to a search engine. Building content relevant to your product or service by writing copy rich with useful information and your targeted keyword strings is the name of the game. Beyond the carefully crafted file structure and content of your pages there are a number of additional internal and external factors that can have impact on search ranking as well.

How Do Google AdWords Work?

how Google AdWords work flowchart

In the diagram above you see the basic flow of things. Note that the real beauty of Google AdWords and Search Engine Marketing is that you can narrow your target down to a specific zip code if you need to. Your advertising effort can be focused like a laser beam upon your target market or demographic. Best of all you only pay for the AdWord if a prospective customer clicks your link. Google provides some very high quality keyword marketing research and statistical analisys tools free of charge. Properly using these tools to research your websites target market is the key to making pay per click search engine marketing profitable.