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My Custom Web Designs

Some of my custom website designs both past and present of which several are represented here. From my very first website developed in 2006 to some slightly more advanced examples incorporating dynamic php/mysql database implementations along with cool animated features compliments Javascript's Mootools, JQuery, AJAx, etc.

Flash at this time still has spotty support across many of the important platforms including smartphones and tablet computers. Additionally most of its contents are invisible to the search engine spiders used by all the top search providers. Bad deal so I don't use Flash.

Web Graphic Design

A collection of my digital artworks some website design graphics space fantasy art and random doodles. In the future I'll be adding some Branding Concepts, Logo Designs, Business Collateral Concepts and more. Many of these digital works and images where created with a free open source program similiar to Photoshop called 'Gimp' available for both Mac and Linux systems. I use Photoshop and Illustrator as well. Trial versions available here.

Images used to render many of these digital artworks were obtained from the The Stock Exchange and CG Textures websites.

Web Design Examples

Here are some fun page animation examples.

I began learning javascript about 5 years ago when the iPhone first came out. I was big on learning to develop with Flash up until the release of the iPhone but quickly changed my mind as no forseeable support for Adobe Flash was in the works. Then as now lack of useable Flash support on the iPhone platform has inspired me to use and become quite fond of javascript over these last 5 years and particularly some of the newer and more powerful open source javascript library projects like jquery and MooTools.

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