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Small Business Web Design and SEO

For a big business with a large scale web presence in mind it only makes sense for an entire team of skilled people to work on that single project. Big web design firms with large numbers of graphic artists, web designers, content creation experts, copy writers, marketing specialists and SEO analysts all working under a site development project manager are the only way to go on a large scale website development project.

For a small business website design with a more or less medium scale web presence in mind often a more affordable website design, development and SEO solution is the goal. In this situation a large web design firm is often overkill and and almost always over budget. A smaller company that is fully qualified to handle the breadth and scope of your small business website development needs can often provide you with far more personalized service and at a much more affordable website design project cost. The difference in custom website design price point can often mean having a small business website or not having one at all.

What you DO want:

A hassle free and affordable website design built by an affordable website development company that is experienced and skilled in the art of creating distinctive and attractive website designs that can quickly be found on all popular search engines and operate flawlessly on modern browsers and smart phones alike.

What you DO NOT want:

Headaches, delays or even worse. Be aware there are many freelance web designers and even some medium sized web design companies with little or no real competence, skill or education beyond some basic knowledge of Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

When choosing an affordable web design company you should look over their web design portfolio and see for yourself if their purported best designs are at all up to your visual standards. Go one step further and do a Google search ranking test by Googling headlines from their portfolio website to see if you can find them in the top search engine rankings for that topic and geographical area. If you can't find that website after a reasonable effort your very likely considering the wrong website design company!

Choose Expertise and Experience

A good freelance web developer needs to be competent in several complex areas simultaneously in order to provide you with a completely functional and satisfying website solution. On the visual end of things Graphic Design is the only requirement but on the functional end Content Creation, Copy Writing, Search Engine Optimization and mastery of several coding languages including: HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, PHP, CGI and JAVASCRIPT. (important sub categories of JAVASCRIPT include JQUERY, PROTOTYPE, MOOTOOLS, AJAX, JSON and SCRIPTACULOUS) Your web developer should know what these are and how to use them.

Moreover a website developer should posses knowledge of effective sales presentation and advertising psychology as this will make a huge difference in the resulting flow of your website users experience and the ultimate out come of your online sales presentations.

Learning all these skills and languages takes a considerable amount of time as they all have a significant learning curve and take many years to fully master. Designers who are just starting out definitely don't have it all down yet and likely have no clue as to what they are missing. Avoiding enthusiastic beginners is a good idea regardless of their confidence level! Better they work for a big web design firm first to gain a complete understanding of the bigger picture before beginning a freelance web design business of their own.

My Web Developer Resume'

This is the 'who am I and why should you trust your small to medium sized business websites design, development and search engine optimization effort to my small company instead of one of my big competitors portion of the program.

I've been working as a professional freelance custom website designer and custom website developer in South Carolina since 2004. Several of my website designs have achieved top ten search engine ranking in their target markets and most can still be found within the top twenty even now without any ongoing SEO effort whatsoever.

I began studying web design in 2002 and have since completed several courses on HTML, XHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, XML, PHP and SEO in addition to graphic design classes on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Prior to 2004 I was involved in web hosting server administration, rapid network deployment and mission critical business network setup and pre-staging in addition to computer software development and customization.

I have held a number of computer certifications over the years and continue to stay abreast of new technologies. I have been a certified computer technology professional in one form or another since 1997.

Previous to my computer related career experience I was involved in radio and television advertising and have received hundreds of hours advanced training in visual communications, advertising art, advertising strategy, visual media marketing, commercial copy writing, public speaking, lecturing and sales presentation. This marketing and advertising background gives me a unique perspective on a websites design and development process and allows me to transition that perspective very naturally into a completely different approach to website development and marketing.

Advertising and marketing education compliments of Pioneer Broadcasting of Anchorage Alaska circa 1988-1990.

Commercial art and visual communications education compliments of the Art Institute of Seattle circa 1984-85.